HeightLight is a World First, a Handheld laser height measurement device

Taking height measurement from analogue to the digital age. Replacing rudimentary measuring tools such as sticks and tape measures.

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Welcome to the HeightLight Store. We are offering Free Shipping.

Heighlight - Measurement Device
Heighlight - Measurement Device
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HeightLight is the 'go to' device for accurate horse and pony measurement. Its handheld design makes it easy to operate and stress free for horses and ponies being measured.

We are a horse measurement and weighing company based in Germany. We have been using the HeightLight laser system professionally since the very beginning.We compared a lot of devices and the HeightLight system is extremely precise.It is very easy to use. A big advantage is that the horses stay very calm. Even fearful horses can be measured very easily and quickly. We can recommend the laser to everyone."

Jannis Van Geldern, JJ-Pferdewaage


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